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Santiago Gemstone Pendant




A standout piece to be worn solo, or make a statement by layering with your favourite chains.  A unique design of Peach Moonstone, Iolite and Carnelian in a kaleidoscope of tones hanging from a fine Gourmand chain, destined to become your new go to piece when you want a splash of colour. Pair with the matching Santiago Earrings. Gemstone colour and opaqueness will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut gem is individual.


  • Handcrafted in 18ct Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver
  • Set with genuine semi-precious Peach Moonstone, Iolite and Carnelian
  • Pendant approx 2.5cm at longest point
  • Adjustable – 45cm long with 5cm extender

Peach Moonstone

This stunning gemstone is mainly mined in India, but can also found in Brazil and Myanmar. It's hue is peach, but it has  an iridescence when moved in the light. From ancient times people belived this stone to be given powers by the goddess of the moon and thought it contained a trapped moonbeam. It is thought to be a supportive stone by bringing healing, generosity to others and intuitions to people's feelings.


Originally mined by the Vikings in Norway and Greenland it is most commonly found today in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. One of the most beautiful gemstones with colour tones ranging from indogo to piercing blue. Known as the Viking Compass Stone as they used it as a tool to navigate it has been loved through the centuries. It is thought to be the Stone of Illumination, linked with spiritual journeys and associated with dreams, exploration and growth.


This striking gemstone is found in India and South America and belongs to the Quartz family of gems.  It's history dates back over 4000 years when it was worn in ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Carnelian is considered a lucky stone as it is linked to prosperity and is thought to boost self esteem and creativity as well as combat insomnia and negativity.

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