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Nocturne indigo zirconia crystal soliatire stud Earrings


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Clean cut designed solitaire stud earrings for chic and modern appeal. Features set solitaire Zirconia Crystals in a round brilliant cut in darkest midnight blue colour (Triple A rated simulated diamonds, facet cut for pure clarity and sparkle). Set in 14ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling 925 Silver in a high shine finish. Featuring a traditional earring post. Each item comes beautifully packaged in our luxury designed boxes including protective pouch to keep your jewellery item looking its best.

Blue Zirconia Crystal

Zirconia Crystal although man made is classed as a crystal and belongs in the same crystal group as diamonds - the high end grade we use is made up of Zirconium dioxide with yttriume, magnesium and calcium which like diamonds has a hardness rating stronger than Swarovski crystals and a brilliance and perfect clarity without inclusions. This crystal has a darkest indigo blue tone and is thought to improve spiritual energy as well as being linked to positivity.

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