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Mojave Plains Gemstone Pendant




Bold, striking and easy on the eye, meet your new must have accessory.  This necklace makes a fresh addition to your collection to be worn alone for minimalist perfection or layered with your favourite chunky chains to make a statement.  A facet cut Turquoise and a flat cut Malachite hang from a delicate Figaro chain. Can be paired with matching Mojave Plains Earrings.


  • Plated in 18ct Gold Plate
  • Features semi precious gemstones of Turquoise and Malachite
  • Pendant is approx 2.5cm at the longest point
  • Adjustable – length 45cm with a 5cm extender


Turquoise is found in places with naturally dry climates such as USA, Mexico, Chile and Tibet. It is an opaque gemstone varying in tone from pale blue to green blue but is always straiking and vibrant. Considered to be a stone of communication it is linked with wisdom, truth and healing.


This unique gemstone is mainly disovered in parts of Africa, Russia and South America. It has a strikiing appearance of rich greeen and usually has banding or bubbled patterns throughout making each stone different. It instantly brings to mind the colours of nature, which explians it's name : from the ancient Greek word Malakee meaning Mallow leaves. It's decoative use dates back to ancient Egypt in 4000BC and the middle ages when they thought it preotected against the "Evil Eye". It is known as a Protection Stone and is assocaited with absorbing negative engery and a connection with nature.

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