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Arctic Sunrise Gemstone Necklace




A unique and beautiful addition to your jewellery box, this easy on the eye necklace will add fresh styling all year round with the subtle aqua, palest pink, gold and maroon tones inspired by the colours of a sunrise.  Layer with favourite chains or wear solo for an everyday look.  Featuring an organic inspired gold element in centre stage and surrounded by rough cut gemstone beads in real Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Milky Blue Chalcedony and Rainbow Moonstone as well as gold plate chunky beads. Pair with the matching Arctic Sunrise Earrings and Bracelet. Gemstone colour and opaqueness will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut gem is individual.


  • Handcrafted in 18ct Gold Plate on Jewellers Brass
  • Set with genuine semi-precious cut gemstone beads
  • Adjustable with extender chain
  • 45cm long with 5cm extender featuring mini gemstone beads

Red Jasper

This is a beautiful opaque rock found mainly in parts of USA as well as India, South America and Madagascar.  It has been revered for centuries for it's rich red tone and is associated with healing and protective properties. jasper is known as the "supreme nuturer" as it is believed to absorb negative energy and provide balance of emotions and reduction of anxiety or anger.

Rose Quartz

This gemstone is most commonly found in Madagasgar, India and parts of USA and Brazil. This transluscent crystal occurs in a subtle range of soft pink tones, somethimes with white inclusions making each stone unique. Rose Quartz dates back to 7000BC as it was used by ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt as well as the Greek and Roman civilsations. Known as the Romance Stone it is linked with love, emotion and the lowering of any anxiety.

Milky Blue Chalcedony

This is a relatively rare gemstone, found mainly in USA, Turkey and Namibia.  Whilst being the birthstone for the month of March it is known for promoting emotional harmony.  It is believed the gem enhances mental health,  boosts communication skills and helps to alleviate stress.

Rainbow Moonstone

This stunning gemstone is a form of transparent Labradorite (a closely related feldsapr mineral). This is why is has similar flashes of light within the stone. Generally a pale off white it reflects indigo and violet when moved in the light. It is extracted most usually from deposits in India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Used by ancient civilsations this gemstone has a long history and has long been linked with the properties of protection, love and an allignment with nature. It was believed by ancient Romans that the gemstone was formed of moonlight and in India was reverred as sacred. In modern times it was made even more popular in the Art Nouveau period by French master goldsmith Rene Lalique.

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