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Alter Ego triple gemstone Ring


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Modern and striking triple gemstone design ring. Featuring faceted Rainbow Moonstone (two stones), and Black Diamond Marble (one stone) semi precious stones finished to bring out the natural beauty and tone of the stone. Gemstone colour and opaqueness will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut stone is individual. Set in 14ct Gold Plated on Jewellers Brass finished in a high shine finish. As this is a flexible wraparound style it can be adjusted for better fit, so although a mid size can be made to fit smaller or larger fingers. Each item comes beautifully packaged in our luxury designed boxes including protective pouch to keep your jewellery item looking its best.

Rainbow Moonstone

This stunning gemstone is a form of transparent Labradorite (a closely related feldsapr mineral). This is why is has similar flashes of light within the stone. Generally a pale off white it reflects indigo and violet when moved in the light. It is extracted most usually from deposits in India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Used by ancient civilsations this gemstone has a long history and has long been linked with the properties of protection, love and an allignment with nature. It was believed by ancient Romans that the gemstone was formed of moonlight and in India was reverred as sacred. In modern times it was made even more popular in the Art Nouveau period by French master goldsmith Rene Lalique.

Black Diamond Marble

This stunning gemstone is mainly found in parts of Eurpoe and Indonesia. It is a dark natural mineral which looks it's best when polished to a high sheen. It is said to encourage wisdom and help with flexibility through difficult circumstances.

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