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Green Tea jade teardrop Pendant


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This beautiful pendant can be worn everyday or saved for special occasions as the perfect finishing touch. Featuring Green Jade semi precious stone flat cut and polished for bringing out the natural beauty and tone of the stone. Gemstone colour and opaqueness will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut stone is individual. Set in Rhodium Plated Vermeil on Sterling 925 Silver in a brushed effect finish on the front and high shine on the back. (Rhodium is part of the Platinum family of metals for a more durable scratch resistant finish). Comes complete with a fine Gourmette chain in Sterling 925 Silver plated with matching Rhodium Vermeil, length 18″ plus a 2″ extender. Click dropbar to either remove the chain and order the pendant alone, or to select a longer chain of 28″ plus a 2″ extender. Each item comes beautifully packaged in our luxury designed boxes including protective pouch to keep your jewellery item looking its best.


This striking gemstone ranges in subtle shades of green and is monstly found in Myanmar, Canada, China and India. It is semi transluscent and varies in tone from mid to vibrant. It has been used and revered in China since the Stone Age and became known as a royal gem where it was considered the most beautiful natural material. Known as a protective stone it is linked with bringing the wearer harmony and happiness.

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